Amazon Bans Almost All New Users: Here Are The Mistakes Our Customers Make And How To Avoid Them

Within the world of online promoting, Amazon has come to be a tool that on line sellers absolutely shouldn’t forget about. Within the 25 years considering that its inception, the marketplace has developed into a pinnacle-selling platform, and already in 2018, Amazon accounted for forty nine% of on-line sales within the u.S.A..

Curiously, Ukrainian marketers are also within the pinnacle nine countries of the sector, which have extra than 10 thousand dealers on this platform. But many are faced with a problem – now not an clean registration on Amazon.

Certain instructions will assist to solve it. We are able to inform you why and a way to check in on Amazon as a supplier and what you want for this.

Online Selling Is The Future: Why Amazon For Sellers The Amazon

The bookstall become based 26 years ago. However the range of income grew, and nowadays it’s miles the most important online store inside the international with a wide range of merchandise. Data for numerous years show that the website is developing, drawing near the sector’s exceptional dealers.

And in 2018, Jeff Bezos’ market ranked 2d a number of the most pricey organizations in the international, in the back of handiest Apple.

Consequently, Ukrainian companies must additionally take note of this distribution channel. After all, the overseas marketplace can fast reanimate after the economic crisis.

Similarly, Amazon has the subsequent benefits:

  • The marketplace provides short get right of entry to to big sales markets and ends customers;
  • The market entry threshold is relatively low;
  • You can quick launch sales at the platform.

The main difficulty is to register without a block

Maximum potential sellers try and sign up on Amazon on their very own and grow to be within the block. That is because the registration procedure right here is quite laborious and has many nuances that beginners usually do now not recognise approximately. As an instance:

  • Incorrectly finished files;
  • No proxy;
  • Unstructured registration method;
  • Distinctive addresses at each stage;
  • Submitting a receipt instead of a software invoice;
  • The total call isn’t like the ones inside the documents;
  • Submission of the announcement not to the cardboard, however the preferred account or with out
  • financial institution details;
  • Documents in black and white and no longer on the whole sheet.

Therefore, I endorse contacting specialists, but first i can tell you about the registration manner itself.

1. Prepare documents for registration


Registration of a seller account for an person starts with the collection and practise of the important documents:

A replica of your passport or a notarized translation of your inner passport;
Contact information – name and surname, written as inside the passport, email, phone number;
Credit card information;
An account in the america to get hold of fee from Amazon for items bought;
Statement from the financial institution. The assertion does now not must be new and in particular fashioned for
Amazon. This can be an old credit card of a client (man or woman) or a card connected to a felony entity.

Customer mistakes. As soon as the purchaser’s call or surname differed in his passport and on the invoice. While working with every other consumer, we found that the real address of the commercial enterprise did now not healthy the only indicated within the files.

 2. Configuring a proxy

When Amazon sees that a supplier logs in beneath one IP to numerous money owed, it right away blocks the entirety. An example from exercise: in a multi-tale building beneath the same IP, numerous associates entered one of a kind money owed – Amazon blocked them.

Consequently, it’s far better to log in from a relaxed IP and sit down handiest from it. As a result, the gadget attempts to guard itself from all kinds of fraud.

Therefore, after collecting the files, the vendor desires to purchase and connect a proxy at the website.

Patron mistakes. A purchaser contacted us to unblock an account. Amazon blocked him because of linked accounts. We found out that he simplest logged into his account in his rental. It was later located that once registering his account, he helped sign up the money owed of his friends who have been at his domestic.

As a end result, Amazon blocked the account of both due to one IP. We helped unblock accounts.

 3. Register an account

To check in a vendor account, you need to set up a proxy. Then go to the Amazon internet site and click the sign in now button.

Then you definately want to observe these regulations:

  • We find the button and then – “Create your Amazon account”. We fill in information about ourselves in Latin and affirm the email.
  • We decide the us of a wherein a prison entity or character is already registered.
  • We fill inside the following fields: the name of the enterprise or the call of an man or woman, address, phone quantity, and the call of the vendor at the website online.
  • We indicate the info of the card issued in any u . S . And foreign money. Visa, credit card, American specific, find out, Diners membership, or JCB playing cards are suitable right here.
  • We input information approximately the bank account to which transfers from Amazon can be obtained. A bank account in america may be received with the aid of registering with Payoneer.
  • We upload information about paying taxes and answer the subsequent questions: felony entity or man or woman, resident or non-resident of the us. Then we fill out the W9-BEN shape (fundamental data approximately ourselves – address, u . S . A . Of registration, and so forth) and on the end, we positioned a signature.
  • We fill in the listing and product classes. The machine will ask for general statistics about the planned items: hand-made or synthetic goods, how a great deal of the batch is deliberate on the market, is there a website with these goods, and extra.
  • We take a look at the information and send the passport and bank statement. Prepared!

Maximum of the calls at this level are because of filling mistakes and inconsistencies inside the information inside the documents. Therefore, we recommend that you cautiously take a look at all files at the first stage. And also be sure to buy a proxy.

4. We pass verification

After registration, the marketplace can also request some extra files. And at this stage, the account is nearly usually blocked till the seller proves his identity.

In this example, Amazon sends an electronic mail asking for additional information to the email detailed at some stage in registration.

If the seller logs into their account, they will observe a checkbox and a message highlighted in orange within the seller overall performance Notification phase. There will be several posts from Amazon in the phase.

You need to carefully take a look at them to recognize what facts and documents to send.

After that, you want to ship in advance organized documents: utility invoice – the bill for gas, water, energy, or the net. All blocks that had been skipped in the course of registration may be requested by using Amazon after account verification.

While completed, red home windows will seem on the main web page – they want to be packed with the essential information.

As we already recognise, the Ukrainian software bill does now not meet US requirements in any respect. We write in a completely exclusive order, and there is additionally a place and a district.

We attempted many steps to get this file translated effectively. Many companies translate incorrectly:

As opposed to the road they write Ulitsa, in preference to Kyiv metropolis they write misto Kyiv, and so forth. Or they do no longer take into account the reality that in English the cope with is written in a specific order.

As a result, it seems that this method is personalized for each account. For a few accounts it is simpler, for others it is more difficult. Consequently, we work with those agencies that recognize how to write for Amazon efficaciously and without a doubt.

There is a way out of the crisis: I tell you where to look for it

I have been within the commercial enterprise of launching products and increasing sales on international marketplaces for over 5 years now. And every capability supplier can register an Amazon account on their own.

But exercise suggests that newcomers generally face automated blockading from the market.

Different unpredictable situations additionally show up. As soon as we registered a legal entity and crammed out the passport info of the beneficiary.


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